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Partnering With Vertas : Bringing Robotic Intelligence To Cleaning

At Admiral we’re always looking for innovation in our sector and it’s one of the areas of our industry that drives us to bring in new products and services. We’re aiming to change the status quo as we believe that it’s possible in almost all sectors now in this fast-paced world.

The answers are all out there, but it takes people and companies to take them, apply them, and then put them to market to really make that change happen.

Aside from clever cleaning products and innovation in environmentally-friendly cleaning, how much further could we go with technology?

We believe in setting new standards in the cleaning and hygiene supplies marketplace and that’s why we’ve partnered with Vertas to bring robotics to the cleaning world.


Logging onto automated cleaning

We’ve been testing out our new partnership in robotics and cleaning with Vertas at Suffolk County Council’s flagship headquarters, Endeavour House.

With a large floor area on the ground floor where the majority of traffic and of course dirt and cleaning needs are required, the building was a great place to begin the project.

Robotics allows Vertas to give their cleaning staff the ability to clean in more detail in the more complicated areas by freeing them up from the large floors and areas that can be covered more efficiently and effectively by robotics.

The time that’s saved for their team of cleaners can be used in smaller areas and those harder to reach for the robotics, which helps to raise the cleaning standards throughout without increasing costs to the Vertas or their client.

You can see one of our robots in action and hear the full story in the video below.

What are the benefits of robotics?

Labour saving

Just like in the example above with Suffolk County Council, large areas that are time-consuming and labour-intensive are ideal for robotics. Large floor areas and ones with a high volume of traffic be ‘assigned’ to robots to maintain, and depending on the area this could be a continual assignment - or at least a regular clean while the cleaning team attend to other areas.


More efficient

Robotics are more efficient when it comes to some areas of cleaning although there will always be tasks that a human team will do better. Robotics though can be more efficient with time, products, and labour costs in the larger areas and coupled with a human team can give a truly professional and consistent result.


Deep and detailed cleans

The time saved for the cleaning team on that large floor area can then be used in more intricate and detailed areas, thus giving a better result all-round without dramatically increasing the costs.


Large areas covered

This is the key benefit and one that will make sense to most with the obvious time-saving on a task that is pretty simple, although essential. Getting the cleaning on a large floor done well and efficiently may well be possible with a human team but their skills are better used elsewhere.


Raising the standard, without raising the costs

And the overall benefit is what everyone wants from the cleaners, to the client, to the contractor – a more professional and reliable result.


Our aim here is simple: to raise the level of standard in cleaning.

In this busy world with all this technology already at our fingertips it just makes sense to use it, in the areas where it’s going to make the biggest impact.


This isn’t about cutting cost; it’s about building sustainability and efficiency

We need to be very clear about something. Just as Richard Adams from Admiral pointed out in the video above; this is not about replacing jobs with machines, or moving people away from employment.

It’s about allowing valuable cleaning team members to add the best value to their role and join them up with true innovation and in turn ensure a longer working relationship with clients.

Better results mean higher levels of achievement. Then when the tenders come around for the cleaning contracts, the company that the cleaners work are far more likely to secure those contracts. If the company keeps growing, it gives the cleaners a more secure future, not a threatened one.

It’s about using technology to bring about change and innovation, not threatening jobs in a 1985-esuqe horror story.

Robotics are also not about cutting costs. For obvious reasons robotics take a lot of investment and then testing and maintenance. It’s not a cheaper option to save costs, it’s an innovative option to raise the bar in hygiene and cleaning in a business. 


Robotics – part of the future of quality hygiene

This exciting and ‘iconic project’ (as Keith Buet Group Operations Director from Vertas put it) is just another step towards our commitment to a top-level and service driven business. We’re proud to be in partnership with Vertas and look forward to seeing the results and benefits over the coming year.

“Admiral are continually bringing the ideas to us and the innovation that we want, and that’s the innovation we need to take to our customers, our staff, and our clients to show them our we can continue to improve their services.” -   Keith Buet, Vertas.

If you’d like to know more about this exciting news or would like to discuss how we could partner with you please do contact us now.


Admiral are excellent. We benchmark their performance on price, flexibility, delivery times, contract support and quality of product. Various products and new technologies are aimed at improving efficiency and infection control enhancements. These includes a microfiber cleaning solution, investigation into robotic cleaning machinery and efficient cleaning machinery. - Mike Mackay, Serco PLC

Thanks to Admiral’s engagement and in-depth audit, we now have a clear vision for delivering a high-quality standard throughout all our buildings. In addition, we stand to meet environmental objectives by achieving a reduction in consumption and waste. - Steve Ford, Campus Services Manager (Regents St & NCS sites)  

The team at Admiral have continually demonstrated an understanding of the Travelodge’s brand requirements and our hotel operations know that they can rely on Admiral to deliver and support them every day. They have a welcome, collaborative approach to working with us in maintaining hotel standards, allowing us to retain our position as the hotel brand of choice to our guests - Lewis Greenall, Travelodge

I have been working with Admiral for the past 8 years. My personal experience has been outstanding. Cleaning is one of the key services we are measured on, Admiral were the instigators for the introduction of microfiber at NNUH . This has enabled them to achieve PEAT green excellent results, the highest ranking possible for NHS sites. Admiral are a corporate brand with very local values. Very focused on individual needs, proactive and innovative in their approach, supportive in their training methods and mobilisation, very flexible with their approach as the NHS is consistently changing. - Nayab Haider - Norfolk and Norwich Hospital


It helps us massively to know when the products are arriving. Facility cleanliness is the first customer complaint we receive so a prompt delivery service is very much appreciated; thanks. - Phil Hart, Hood Park Leisure Centre