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Making and Creating Genuine Change in the Cleaning Industry

For many years our industry was a ‘box pushing’ one. The general aim was to move as much product as possible and work with as many companies as you could. The more you moved, and the more companies you worked with, the more successful you were.

In many respects, this is still true now for many companies and not just in our industry. The world of business is often for shareholders, PR stories, and growth for big buy-outs. That’s all well and good… but we’re proud to be doing things a different way.

At Admiral we’re looking at business from a different viewpoint, a viewpoint of strategic alliance and growing together with our clients. We choose the right people to work with based on their beliefs, values, and business. We don’t choose them because of their size, bank balance, or because they chose us on price.


Admiral - setting new standards in the cleaning and hygiene supplies marketplace

We’re incredibly proud of our extremely high customer retention. That, we feel, is down to working with companies which are aligned with the way that we work.

That’s important to note: we work with you; we don’t just supply you.

We believe in protecting our employees, valuing our customers, enhancing our brand, and working in partnership with our customers.

We believe in protecting your employees, valuing your customers, enhancing your brand, and building a long-term collaborative relationship.

By aligning with companies who are perfectly matched in beliefs and values, we’re building long term relationships instead of hitting sales targets.

At Admiral, this is more than just business – it has to be sustainable too. Business isn’t about cutting costs to win, it’s about matching up with companies who can grow with us and vice versa.

We’re a top-level service driven business and proud of it.


Let’s redefine the industry together…

We’re not trying to ‘shift boxes’.

There are plenty of companies doing that already. We’re not about that. What we’re trying to do is find those companies who truly believe in excellence in cleaning and those who want to work with us to bring in new products, technologies, and thinking into the cleaning industry.

We’re looking for partners to break the mould!

This starts right from the initial conversation all the way through to the delivery of the products. We’re not trying to gain more business and we’re not quoting on price. We’re trying to gain more partners and redefine how business is done in our sector.

The five key questions we ask and do business by

When we meet with new customers, we always ask our proven five key questions to make sure we’re on the same path to excellence.

This might seem counter-intuitive. You’d be right in thinking that some companies don’t suit us, and we don’t move forward. This approach is what we believe needs to happen in the industry and it’s precisely what gives us such a great business model and high retention rates.

We want to achieve great client relationships and if either party feels any of these are not achievable, we simply thank them and walk away.

It has to be a mutual partnership based on trust and integrity.

Here’s what we ask everyone we work with:

  1. Can we deliver service excellence?
  2. Can we improve on your current offering?
  3. Can we establish a long-term partnership?
  4. Can we drive mutual value and profit?
  5. Can we protect the client’s brand and our own?


We’re here to make a difference. We feel that when you approach business with the right mindset, we’ll make a significant impact in time. We’ll also avoid the race to the bottom and the ‘any business is business’ trap.


We want to be understood…

Our ethos here is simple: Care about why we do what we do, how we do it, and we care about delivering on our promises.

We’re not price-driven, we’re value driven. We assess every client on an individual basis and look to improve on what’s most important to them.

But what about costs?

We’re not blind to this glaringly obvious business-driver! In fact we understand it’s a core part of the decision factor in business, but we look at it in a different way.

If cost is a factor, which in many cases it is, we work with clients to reduce costs directly.

Whether it’s the through the cost of use for materials likes paper or products, or by auditing and managing the entire process to give them products that save them money by the nature of their quality, we’ll look to save our customers money in a more sustainable way.

We look at using better systems or microfibre laundered reusable products over disposables. What we don’t do is save you 10% off your basket by lowering the quality and ultimately the service we offer.

That’s what’s wrong with our industry. The box shifting. The inappropriate discounts. The need to win the contract over the need to make the right choice and put in place the right solution.  

Admiral’s experience within the HORECA and other commercial markets allows us to bring genuine innovation - and solutions based on what’s right and what’s important to our clients.


Keeping ourselves small?

You might think this all sounds rather evangelical. Perhaps you think it’s potentially rather limiting to our growth. You’d be pleasantly surprised to learn how this approach is growing our client list, retaining them, and helping us to become a growing force in the cleaning industry.

We’re a growing business. We’ll surpass £20 million turnover in 2019 and although we’re growing rapidly, our customer retention remains extremely high. We have clients we’ve worked with for over 30 years! This is a huge achievement in any industry, let alone in one like ours.

When we win new business, the client is entering into a partnership, not a contract. We don’t look to shift boxes, we look to make a difference.

We believe all business should be like that.



Admiral are excellent. We benchmark their performance on price, flexibility, delivery times, contract support and quality of product. Various products and new technologies are aimed at improving efficiency and infection control enhancements. These includes a microfiber cleaning solution, investigation into robotic cleaning machinery and efficient cleaning machinery. - Mike Mackay, Serco PLC

Thanks to Admiral’s engagement and in-depth audit, we now have a clear vision for delivering a high-quality standard throughout all our buildings. In addition, we stand to meet environmental objectives by achieving a reduction in consumption and waste. - Steve Ford, Campus Services Manager (Regents St & NCS sites)  

The team at Admiral have continually demonstrated an understanding of the Travelodge’s brand requirements and our hotel operations know that they can rely on Admiral to deliver and support them every day. They have a welcome, collaborative approach to working with us in maintaining hotel standards, allowing us to retain our position as the hotel brand of choice to our guests - Lewis Greenall, Travelodge

I have been working with Admiral for the past 8 years. My personal experience has been outstanding. Cleaning is one of the key services we are measured on, Admiral were the instigators for the introduction of microfiber at NNUH . This has enabled them to achieve PEAT green excellent results, the highest ranking possible for NHS sites. Admiral are a corporate brand with very local values. Very focused on individual needs, proactive and innovative in their approach, supportive in their training methods and mobilisation, very flexible with their approach as the NHS is consistently changing. - Nayab Haider - Norfolk and Norwich Hospital


It helps us massively to know when the products are arriving. Facility cleanliness is the first customer complaint we receive so a prompt delivery service is very much appreciated; thanks. - Phil Hart, Hood Park Leisure Centre