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A True Alternative To Chemical Cleaning

Quality cleaning is essential, and in many companies there are strict guidelines on cleanliness - and those standards need to be met. There are of course a multitude of choices out there for cleaning products. No doubt you’ve seen hundreds of options when you’re selecting products to clean dirt and stains, and for general cleaning purposes too.

Most of the cleaning products available to you right now to clean anything from carpets, surfaces, toilets, drains, and keep odours at bay give excellent results.

But there’s an ever-increasing need to care for the environment around us. We’re constantly being told by the media, scientists, and experts that the human species is the biggest threat to our environment. Our convenience lifestyles and a lot of the decisions we all make are contributing to a huge problem.

It’s a dichotomy for many companies who have to be clean, but want to uphold their responsibility to the environment, as we’re sure you do.

At Admiral we’re highly committed to finding solutions to this dilemma so we can give our customers the benefit of our expertise and help them make better decisions both for their cleanliness and the wider environment.

We try to source the most environmentally friendly, sustainable products, and we are constantly challenging the status quo, innovating, and aiming to redefine what “green cleaning” looks like.


Welcome to Evogen Professional…

When it comes to true innovation and product in the cleaning range you need look no further than Evogen. The team at Evogen have worked tirelessly to find another way and their award-winning range is simply mind-blowing.

You can be forgiven if you’ve never really thought about the effect your cleaning habits and processes have on the world around us, but Evogen are a few steps ahead.

In their laboratories, the team at Evogen have not only found a true alternative to chemicals, they’ve found one that cleans to a very high standard.

Evogen’s range of products actually work with the environment to clean, remove odours, and take away stains. The science behind this is really quite fascinating.


What makes Evogen different from standard chemical alternatives?

As you may already know, most traditional cleaning products need water to help them perform - and this is usually to wash away the areas and the chemicals when you’re finished.

What the team at Evogen have created actually works with the stain or unclean area to remove it with biological cleaning.

The result?

The cleaning from an Evogen product is not only simpler but it requires less mechanical action. Not only that, but in most cases Evogen have proved that the areas will require less frequent cleaning.


Cleaning with Evogen is quicker, easier, and more effective. And it even works after you’ve finished cleaning, in some cases!

Because of the way Evogen is engineered, the cleaning process actually continues long after you’ve put your products and cleaning tools away.

Evogen is a ‘biological cleaner’ and this means that instead of chemicals that only work while in contact with the dirt, the beneficial bacteria in Evogen remains on the surface and continues to grow on it.

The bacteria used are microscopic and are capable of penetrating deep lying dirt and then breaking it down into tiny materials that are easier to remove.

This is a cleaner that truly works with the environment and the stains to give you a real alternative a traditional cleaner. It’s actually better, requires fewer uses, and could even  save you time and money in the long run.


Evogen say:

“Evogen Professional works with biology, not against it, and is a real alternative to traditional harsh chemicals”.


… and that’s why we’re proud to be the UK sole distributor.


Admiral Cleaning Supplies – UK Sole Distributor of Evogen Professional Range

In December 2018 we announced that we’d partnered up with Genesis Biosciences to bring Evogen Professional to the UK cleaning marketing, and we hope now you understand why.

This fits perfectly with our commitment to providing true alternative products that still give you the quality and results you want.

This truly innovative product is an exciting addition to our range  - you can find out more about our partnership with Evogen here.

For more information about Evogen or other products from us, contact us here.


We’ll be stocking these products from the Evogen Professional range:

  • General Purpose Biocleaner
  • Odour Neutraliser
  • Exterior Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
  • Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Remover
  • Descale & Clean
  • Toilet & Urinal Cleaner
  • Bio Urinal Cubes
  • GD Ultra
  • GD Ultra Starter Kit
  • Grease Drain Line
  • Interior Cleaning Kit

Please do get in contact with us if you’d like to talk about them.


Admiral are excellent. We benchmark their performance on price, flexibility, delivery times, contract support and quality of product. Various products and new technologies are aimed at improving efficiency and infection control enhancements. These includes a microfiber cleaning solution, investigation into robotic cleaning machinery and efficient cleaning machinery. - Mike Mackay, Serco PLC

Thanks to Admiral’s engagement and in-depth audit, we now have a clear vision for delivering a high-quality standard throughout all our buildings. In addition, we stand to meet environmental objectives by achieving a reduction in consumption and waste. - Steve Ford, Campus Services Manager (Regents St & NCS sites)  

The team at Admiral have continually demonstrated an understanding of the Travelodge’s brand requirements and our hotel operations know that they can rely on Admiral to deliver and support them every day. They have a welcome, collaborative approach to working with us in maintaining hotel standards, allowing us to retain our position as the hotel brand of choice to our guests - Lewis Greenall, Travelodge

I have been working with Admiral for the past 8 years. My personal experience has been outstanding. Cleaning is one of the key services we are measured on, Admiral were the instigators for the introduction of microfiber at NNUH . This has enabled them to achieve PEAT green excellent results, the highest ranking possible for NHS sites. Admiral are a corporate brand with very local values. Very focused on individual needs, proactive and innovative in their approach, supportive in their training methods and mobilisation, very flexible with their approach as the NHS is consistently changing. - Nayab Haider - Norfolk and Norwich Hospital


It helps us massively to know when the products are arriving. Facility cleanliness is the first customer complaint we receive so a prompt delivery service is very much appreciated; thanks. - Phil Hart, Hood Park Leisure Centre